Amend Article I, Section G, Item 1 as follows:

  1. The maximum number of varsity games, contests or playing dates an institution may schedule is listed below. The number of junior varsity or freshman games, contests or playing dates scheduled during the academic year cannot exceed the number of varsity games, contests or playing dates scheduled during that academic year. Further, no student may compete in a sport in an academic year in more than the number of games, contests or playing dates listed below (this includes varsity, junior varsity, freshman, etc.), excluding NAIA-approved postseason participation.

. . .

  1. Each sport shall have a maximum 24-week practice and competition season established by each member institution. Frequency of play, practice and scheduling policies shall be applied only during the period of August 1 to May 15, pursuant to the following specifications. The start date specified is the earliest possible date on which any activity meeting the definition of a practice or competition may occur, though teams are free to choose a later date. Scrimmages and exhibitions are excluded and not subject to the start date for competitions.

Frequency of play, practice, and scheduling outside of this period is governed by each member institution and will not be regulated by the NAIA.

There shall be no more than three break periods during the 24 weeks. NAIA-approved postseason participation shall not be counted as part of the 24-week period. A week is defined as Monday (12:00 a.m.) through Sunday (11:59 p.m.). Any practice or competition during this period shall constitute one of the 24 weeks permitted.

As an exception, a team participating in NAIA-approved postseason shall not count practice activities towards the team’s 24-week season, as described below:

. . .


Amend Bylaws Article V, Section B, Item 18 as follows:

  1. Season of Competition:

a. Participation in more than 20% of the maximum allowable number of intercollegiate contests or dates (excluding scrimmages) at an NAIA institution, whether in a varsity, junior varsity or freshman program, during the 24-week season. Any participation in NAIA-approved postseason shall result in a season of competition. The NAIA shall count seasons of competition based on intercollegiate participation charged by another intercollegiate athletic association.

A student who participates in the following number of contests or dates during the 24-week season will be charged a season of competition.


Intent: To reduce maximum allowable contest limits in the sports of baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, softball, volleyball and wrestling; to institute start dates for practices in the sports of basketball, cross country, football, soccer, women’s volleyball and wrestling; and to institute start date for competition in the sports of baseball, basketball, cross country, football, soccer, softball, volleyball and wrestling.

Effective date: August 1, 2022

Submitted by: Athletic Directors Association

Co-sponsored by: Conference Commissioners Association, Council for Student-Athletes, Association of Student-Athletes


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