Amend Bylaws Article I, Section G, Item 6 as follows:

6. Practice will be defined as follows: An activity organized and/or directed by an identified member of the coaching staff of that sport in which appropriate equipment is used or instruction and/or evaluation of the athlete takes place.

In the sport of football, the following regulations apply:

a. Beginning on the first day of practice for each student, a five-day acclimatization period is required for all student-athletes, and should be conducted as follows:

1) Days 1-2: Helmets are the only piece of protective equipment student-athletes may wear.

2) Days 3-4: Helmets and shoulder pads are the only pieces of protective equipment student-athletes may wear.

3) Day 5 and thereafter: student-athletes may practice in full pads and utilize any protective equipment.

b. Prior to a team’s first competition, each student is limited to a maximum of four total hours per day of on-field and/or physical activity, which includes all on-field practice, skills work, conditioning, and walkthrough sessions that are organized or directed by an identified member of the coaching staff. Within those four total hours, the following restrictions apply:

1) A student is limited to a maximum of three total hours per day of physical activities, including skills work, on-field practice, and conditioning sessions.

2) Following each physical activity, a three-hour recovery period must be provided, during which students may not engage in on-field or physical activity, or weight training. However, when a physical activity is interrupted due to unforeseen catastrophes or weather conditions, the three-hour recovery period is not required.

3) On-field walkthrough sessions are permitted provided no protective equipment is worn and footballs are the only or football implements are used, and no conditioning takes place.


Intent: To permit football walkthrough sessions to utilize footballs without causing the session to be considered physical activity or on-field practice.

Effective date: August 1, 2021

Submitted by: Football Coaches Association

Co-sponsored by: Mid-South Conference


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