Amend Article X, Section C as follows:

. . .

  1. National Association of Intercollegiate Athletic Coaches Associations (NAIACA)

All active coaches at member institutions shall hold membership in the sport association in which they coach.

The NAIA Coaches Associations (NAIACA) are charged with the responsibility for carrying out programs beneficial to the coaches of the organization.

Each sport recognized by the NAIA shall establish a coaches association. Officers shall be elected from within the membership of each association with lengths of terms to be either for one or two years, as decided upon by each association. At least one female and/or minority member shall serve as an officer on each NAIACA’s executive committee.

Note: Additional selection criteria should be applied at the next regularly occurring election cycle.

. . .

  1. Association of Student-Athletes (NAIA ASA)

This association is responsible for representing student-athletes within the governance of the NAIA and promoting amongst its membership the growth and development of the Champions of Character ideals. The association is comprised of no fewer than 24 student-athletes representing each affiliated conference and the Association of Independent Institutions (A.I.I.). The A.I.I. will have one representative per every 10 member institutions. Four at-large positions will be designated for minority student-athletes. Additional student-athletes nominated through the conference/A.I.I. may serve as at-large members to ensure representation of each NAIA championship sport.

Representatives shall serve a single, two-year term. To be eligible to serve as a representative, a student must:

a. Be identified with an NAIA member institution;

b. Have completed at least one season of competition in an NAIA championship or invitational sport and two semester/three quarter terms of attendance at an NAIA member institution; and

c. At the time of nomination have no less than two seasons of competition and four semester/six quarter terms of attendance of eligibility remaining in the NAIA.


Intent: To increase diverse representation within the executive committees of NAIA Coaches Associations by requiring a female and/or minority officer is on the committee, and to designate four at-large positions on the Association of Student-Athletes for minority student-athletes.

Effective date: August 1, 2021

Submitted by: Heart of America Athletic Conference

Co-Sponsored by: Golden State Athletic Conference, Association of Independent Institutions, Gulf Coast Athletic Conference, Cascade Collegiate Conference


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